Some Healthy Tips to my Employee

2015 Resolution

As you all know that the company keep expanding till now, I absolutely must take care of my people who is working for me! So I decide before the year end, I would create some healthy tips for my worker.

  • Balancing work and social life, I know in 2014 I did demand a lot of overtime but I promise in 2015 I will certainly change that!
  • Create a gym room, well exercise is a must!
  • Let my employee try drinking kefir, this drink was recommend from my doctor in replacing my milk so I just want to share it.
  • Joining the team building, in 2014 I  didn’t join the team building with my employee then I got scold by my business coach for being irresponsible!
  • Opening a opinion or suggest box to all department, well I’m always open to people voice so I can keep learning and improve the company!

For now, these are my priorities I hope that I can apply them all in the year 2015.

Happy New Year to you all and lets have a great year!

Giveaway Time to Qualified Loyal Customers

We mentioned the other day about our expansion to the Philippines. Our new storage warehouse is already ready and completely equipped with the latest technology that we require to pack, store and ship our products.

Our local based engineers are now sourcing raw materials locally to move 30% of our production to the local headquarters. Currently, we have suppliers for wires, transistors, Arduino boards as well as other minor parts. We are still working with suppliers for our bigger machines. Quality is our pride and joy so we won’t be fully operational until we run 3 weeks of tests with the new machines.

To celebrate our new office, we’re giving away a boat load of cool things daily, starting today.


We will be giving our customers different things, from Tom’s Shoes, to custom printed shirts (from JollyPrints) to Adidas bags. We have a lot of items to giveaway until the end of the year! It’s time to give back.

The raffle will start later today. We will be using an app to randomly select 3 customers from our email list. Another 2 will be selected by our custom Facebook app.

Once the raffle is over for the day, we will be posting updates on our social profiles. We will also email you directly if you are on our email list.

We wish you all the luck. We know you’ll love the prizes.


Company is Expanding to the Philippines

The Tampcol company is proud to announce that we are expanding to the Philippines.

We’re bringing our products, our team, our vision, our culture over and we look forward to gaining new markets and new friends along the way.

If you have been following our blog and company (existing customers) then we will be sending you a special gift soon. We are still in the process of procuring and designing them but it’s in progress and it’ll be a GREAT piece of work that you’ll be happy to receive.

Look out for more company news soon, it’s a really exciting time right now for everybody involved.