Some Healthy Tips to my Employee

2015 Resolution

As you all know that the company keep expanding till now, I absolutely must take care of my people who is working for me! So I decide before the year end, I would create some healthy tips for my worker.

  • Balancing work and social life, I know in 2014 I did demand a lot of overtime but I promise in 2015 I will certainly change that!
  • Create a gym room, well exercise is a must!
  • Let my employee try drinking kefir, this drink was recommend from my doctor in replacing my milk so I just want to share it.
  • Joining the team building, in 2014 I  didn’t join the team building with my employee then I got scold by my business coach for being irresponsible!
  • Opening a opinion or suggest box to all department, well I’m always open to people voice so I can keep learning and improve the company!

For now, these are my priorities I hope that I can apply them all in the year 2015.

Happy New Year to you all and lets have a great year!